Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Endo

Our t-shirts for the JDRF walk arrived.  Sugar Bear designed them and I love them.  And they are in his fave color, blue.  He even tried it on and it fits and no issues (well, I do have to cut the tag out) but he likes them!

Today was what will be Sugar Bear's annual lab appointment and endocrinologist appointment.  Today was also supposed to be the day the rest of us had our blood drawn for the TRIALNET studies.    I took dedicated teenager out of school for today since it was going to be a long appointment and all of us were involved.  Turns out we hit a snafu.  Supposedly they had called us numerous times to have a consult for the TRIALNET stuff.  They couldn't draw our labs today.

So only Sugar Bear had labs done.  The good news, no thyroid issues and his Ha1c is now 7.8!  

The doc said we're wanting him in the 7s for now.  We got some new ratio changes, discussed some diet issues to keep the weight from climbing, and talked about exercise.  We also talked about new goals for shots and checking his own BS.  This little guy is so great.  We came home and he gave himself his own shot for lunch.  He really impresses me.  Afterwards we took a walk. And the Teenager rode his bike.  All in all, I'll call this a successful endo day.  

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