Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blue Skies

My Favorite Things - Sunday 5/18
As we wrap up another Diabetes Blog Week, let’s share a few of our favorite things from the week. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment left on your blog that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!

I don't have a favorite blog or post from the week.  I've enjoyed so many of them.  They've made me laugh and cry.  I've loved the comments I've received and wish I'd had more time to do in kind.  I haven't read everything yet (looking forward to enjoying all in the next week or so).  The Saturday pics were incredible.  The poetry was impressive.  So much good from all these bloggers.  All these bloggers affected by diabetes.  Type 1s, Type 2s, parents of children with diabetes.  Even pets.  The one thing, my one favorite thing I took from this week of experiencing the DOC in action-we are not alone.  My son is not alone.  My husband is not alone.  I am not alone.  There is a beautiful community here of special and amazing people who either happen to have diabetes or care for someone who does.  That is big!  That is comforting!  Thank you so much to Karen from Bitter-Sweet for arranging this for the fifth straight year.  

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  1. Yes, this D-Community is so amazing and it's great to hear so many voices and different perspectives on each day's prompt. Have really enjoyed all of them, and like so many have said, it's going to take a long time to catch up and get through everything that's out there. But the message you point to is spot on: None of us are alone, and we're all in this together. Thanks for being a part of D-Blog Week, and I can't wait to see more of what you've posted!