Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I live in a fairy tale.  One of the classics.  You know the story of the little girl that goes into the bear's house and she goes through one that's too hot, one that's too cold, and one that's just right.  Goldilocks and the three bears.  I feel like getting in range on Sugar Bear's BS is like that fairy tale.  We wait for the tell tale beep of the meter.  Is it high; is it low?  We're in range?  Yay!  Celebrate for a few until the next check and repeat.  This time it's high.  Then low.  Maybe a couple highs in a row and then like a ray of sunshine we'll be in range.  Yesterday we had three in a row.  I don't think we've ever had a day where all his checks were in range but I do know it's been weeks since we've had the majority be right.  I'm just waiting for that day.  Until then, this one is too high, this one is too low, and this one is just right.

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