Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brain Twist

Wow, that is the longest without blogging since I started.  Probably has to do with that blogging every day last week and still trying to read all the entries.  Or maybe it has to do with the nicer weather.  Or maybe because we're gearing up for our JDRF walk.  Or more likely because Sugar Bear's numbers have been more in range than not!  Probably that last one.

Our 30 day average is only a little out of range.  I'm starting to worry what his Ha1c will be at our next appointment coming up on the 29th.  I know it's silly to worry about it.  But I also know how awful his numbers have been since the last check.  Plus, it's a lab appointment.  We're all getting blood drawn.  Three of us are doing it for the TRIALNET stuff.  Two of us, the teenager and myself are needle phobic and not so good with blood.  We'll do it; it's just going to be an upside down stomach churning day for me.  Then I have no idea how long it takes to get the results back.  It'll be an exercise in patience.

We did decide to do our family drive in outing last night in celebration of my super smart teenager who got straight A's all school year!  It was uncertain as the teenager had a headache but he decided we should go.  I was the only dissenting voice.  I wanted to go but was worried.  Turns out rightfully so.  The drive in was packed for X-men.  We sat outside for the first time this year but it was definitely chilly, even with blankets.  I had tried to tell the boys to wear warmer clothes.  They didn't. They were cold.  I did bring their jackets and even with those and the blankets they froze.  The first 45 minutes of the movie were fairly uneventful but then the teenagers headache continued to get worse.  Luckily we had very few issues with Sugar Bear's BS.  (Although, it is more challenging to give a shot in the dark with only the cell phone for light.). I missed quite a bit of the movie trying to take care of the boys.  Teenager refused to leave (the movie really was fantastic) and Sugar Bear was totally engrossed in it.  We all loved one particular seen with Quicksilver the most.  At the end of the movie Sugar Bear said "Oh my God, brain twist."  We made it through and even stayed to watch the final clip after the credits.  When we got home with the teenager having a full on migraine, I despised being right.  Sometimes I want my gut to be wrong.  I like "brain twists" in a movie not in my son.  I love that my boys are so strong.  I just wish sometimes I wasn't so right.

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