Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Still Young

Since the endo appointment Sugar bear has given himself shots in the arms and legs.  He's doing one a day.  He's also testing his BS once a day too.  I'm so impressed with him.  He did forget one day to give himself a shot (don't worry, we gave all of them) and he started crying because he is "supposed" to do it.  I explained to him that it was okay and he doesn't have to stress.  As long as he is homeschooled and we are there for him I don't see pushing him to do too much.  He has his whole life to give multiple daily shots.  I want him to be as much of a kid without all that worry for as long as he can.

Hubby is going out of town Thursday to Sunday late, but I won't be flying solo.  (I have to work after all on Friday and possibly Sunday).  So my beautiful Mom will be coming to help Thursday night and staying with us til Sunday.  Our JDRF walk is Saturday.  It's going to be a fun few days!

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