Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick blip

Yesterday not one number was in range and only one was less than 200.  Called the endocrinologist and they said if it doesn't change then we change the ratio down to 7:1.  :( They mentioned that they think the "honeymoon" is over.  This makes me a bit sad.  Four months.  Anyway, we read the Medikidz comic book last night for bed.  Sugar Bear said it was weird and that he already knew all that stuff.  It wasn't what I expected either.  Back to looking for comic books with type 1 that are "fun".

Have a neurology appointment today for Goofy Teenager.  Maybe we can get some direction and help with the headaches.  Fingers crossed.

Hoping to head to the drive in tonight and see Spider-Man.  I can't wait.

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