Monday, February 24, 2014

"Warning, graphic and disturbing pics part of post". Silver Linings

Doing some research on the history of juvenile diabetes and insulin and came across two pics of some of the first children treated with insulin.  These pics were taken in the early 1920s.  Before that time a diagnosis of type 1 was a death sentence.  Looking at these pictures I was struck by the starvation.  The phrase "you must have been starving" isn't so cavalier for me anymore.  My son was starving.  He had food but his cells were starving without the insulin. He would have died a hundred years ago.  I wish I knew these children's stories.  I will be researching more and more on all of this.  I'd love to take a trip to London, Ontario and visit the fire that is lit and will stay lit til there is a cure.  I'm thankful for the many silver linings that I have found.  I am grateful for the pioneers and the scientists. I am so blessed that my Sugar Bear was born in 2005 and not 1910.  He won't be able to do the military (and I'm okay with that).  He'll have obstacles and challenges but he'll also have conveniences that were not available even 50 or 30 years ago.  Every year there are improvements and discoveries.  I have hope. 

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