Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breakin Down

Health issues are always a challenge no matter how insignificant they may seem.  Our oldest went to the doc two days ago for pink eye.  He had to miss school for two days while we did drops in his eyes every two hours (which we still have to do for another three days).  Hubby's body feels miserable with this weather; he has psoriatic arthritis.  You mix those two things in with some cabin fever and Sugar Bear's irritability from running high on BS (we think he's out of the honeymoon stage) and you have some pretty cranky people.  How do partners not drift apart when there never seems to be enough time for anything.  There is a song called Breakin Down by Mike and Amy Finders.  It keeps going through my head.  One of the lines is "Breakin down in layers, breakin down in parts, breakin down, breaking all the way down, I try to keep it from my heart".  I hope I do.

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