Thursday, February 20, 2014


In hind site I now know what should have been sending red flags up that something was wrong with Sugar Bear last fall.  He'd lost weight (I rationalized that he was growing and reverting back to what he was more like as a toddler),  he had more bed wetting incidents and accidents during the day (he'd always had accidents they just seemed to increase and I thought it had to do with his brother leaving and going to school for the first time and that Sugar Bear was stressed because of that),  and his irritability seemed out of control (one that stands out was at Halloween when he had over an hour long meltdown about clothing!  But friends were having their children accessed for autism spectrum and I thought maybe that was what I should look into).  I was able to rationalize all the red flags away.  I feel so guilty about that.
Today Sugar Bear had his second visit with his endocrinologist.  It's been almost two months since diagnosis.  They tested his Ha1C today.  When he was diagnosed and in DKA it was 13.7.  Today it is 8.6 and the doctor said she thinks it's probably even lower than that based on his most recent readings!
 We changed one ratio, lunch time, and talked about numerous questions I had.  All was answered.  We're picking up the new lantus pen and no more syringes!  (At least for now).  Sugar Bear is excited for that change.  We talked a little about the pump and the CGM.  We also talked about the weird pain he had on day just on his right side.  She looked at his feet.  And then she discussed with us how it will eventually be important for our little man to wear socks (he hates socks and tends to go barefoot in his shoes).  We also talked about other places we might test BS besides fingers.  She said he's gained his weight back which is fantastic and that he's looking really great!  We had a fantastic appointment.  I feel like we got an A on our report card!  I know not every appointment will feel like this so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.  Our next appointment isn't for 3 months at which point they'll test the Ha1c and his thyroid and we'll get blood drawn from the thirteen year old and us for the TRIALNET research.

After the appointment I went and got my hair done.  I was supposed to go in before Christmas so it'd been awhile.  Talking to my hairdresser I found out her mother (she's in her 60s with kidney failure) has been a type 1 since her diagnosis at 5yo!  She's been on the pump for many years and loves it.

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