Monday, February 10, 2014

The Pen

Hubby made it back from his trip even though the weather had closed our airport.  He flew into a nearby city and a sweet friend drove him here.  I am so thankful for such good friends.

The weekend had ups and downs being without my partner.  He's my support.  He smooths my rough edges.  He calms me in the chaos.  And it was my first solo since Sugar Bear's diagnosis.  I've always been a bit of an "helicopter" mom and this has put some of those feelings into overdrive.  I worry.  A lot.  I sometimes panic.  I still cry occasionally.  Today I high fived the kiddo.

When we left the hospital we were sent home with syringes and a novo nordisk Jr. Pen.  The pen is an insulin injector that uses a cartridge for the insulin.  It has an easy dial for the units.  We thought it'd be easier but Sugar Bear refused to even give it a try.  We showed him how the needle was a bit shorter than the syringes.  How it worked.  How it might be easier for everyone.  etc.. etc..etc.. no go.  So last night we bribed him.  He wanted money for an online game ($5) and we said he could have it if he'd at least try the pen in the morning.  He took the deal.  Morning came and he was nervous.  I was nervous.  It was amazing.  He smiled.  He said it hurt way less! We high fived.   I'm thrilled.  This evening he was disappointed that we have no way of giving his Lantus insulin the same way.  He said that one definitely hurt more.  He likes the pen!  I think this will be a big help!  For all of us.  It's awesome.  It takes less time!  It doesn't hurt as much!  That's a biggie for both of us!

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