Friday, February 7, 2014

The Kit

This is our kit.  It has test strips, a meter, alcohol swabs, lancet (restocked immediately after pic), the poker, ketone test sticks, novolog fast acting insulin, lantus long lasting insulin, syringes, an empty test strip container for sharps, gauze wipes, carb counting book, glucose gel, glucose tablets, 2 snack baggies of skittles, a pen flashlight, and glucagon.  All in a camo small bag that Sugar Bear can carry himself.  It's always within a foot of him.  It sits on the the bedside table at night.  It is a life preserver.  It keeps us afloat.  It allows us to swim in deep water comfortably.  It lets us, but especially Sugar Bear, live. 

So hubby is out of town for the weekend and it's just me and the kids!  This should be fun.  Grab the kit and let''so go!

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