Monday, April 28, 2014

Just let It Go

 Sugar Bear got a haircut.  He still wants it buzzed but I've talked him into waiting just a bit.  I like how he looks with a little bit of bangs.  :) The boys surprised me with the new do when I got home from work on Wednesday.  It was a nice surprise.  Friday I took Sugar bear to the orthodontist to get molds made.  His appointment was at 2 and he was 204.  I just let it go and he went back high before snack time at 2:45.  He didn't come out until 3:30!  We tested again and he was 88!  He got his snack and we headed home.  I was amazed how just a trip to the orthodontist changed his BS.  It seems when he's nervous it drops.  Next appointment isn't until June when he gets his appliance.
Saturday was another day of firsts.  I had to work and couldn't attend one of their best buddy's birthday party.  And the party was a laser tag event!  I was nervous how things would go.  I have Goofy Teenager still dealing with headaches from his concussion and then there is Sugar Bear's diabetes not to mention hubby with all his issues.  I was concerned.  I packed out the kit, gave hubby some suggestions and headed to work.  Got a text as soon as I got to work that hubby had done a 10:1 ratio accidentally instead of the 8:1.  I told him to not worry the party was at 1:30 and a little high blood sugar wouldn't hurt.  At lunch he was 173 and hubby just gave insulin to cover carbs.  He tested right before they went to play laser tag and he was 320!  He panicked and called me because he didn't know what to do. I suggested letting him play the first round and then checking again.  Just let it go!  Hubby didn't get to go back (only those playing are allowed) so Sugar Bear played without the encumbrance of his kit.  At 3 his BS was 131 and I got the text "like I nailed it?"  I smiled.  Then another call, how do we do cake?  We gave a small piece and guesstimated 42 carbs and decided to leave it as well.  He had more running around to do.  They stopped afterwards at work to say hi.  Of course only Goofy teenager showed up at my counter, panicked, and said Sugar Bear had a seizure I started to freak.  What?!?!  Then I see Hubby and Sugar Bear coming through the store.  Goofy Teenager thought it was hilarious.  We have since had a few conversations about how inappropriate and cruel that was.  He said he won't do it again.  They had a blast at the party.  Both have decided their next birthday's will be celebrated there.  Sugar Bear came in second in one of the games and Goofy Teenager came in second in a dance contest.  Overall a very successful event for us! I'm so proud of my boys and my man!

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