Sunday, April 20, 2014


So much for peaceful.  Sugar Bears number were high at lunch and we corrected, at afternoon snack they were even higher and we corrected, and dinner they were up even more.  That's when I thought something was off.  Maybe the new frio pack hadn't kept the insulin cool enough and now it wasn't working, or something?  Sugar Bear had consistently been wanting chocolate and then when I offered some with dinner he was hesitant.  Now I know why.  He'd eaten 50g of carbs in chocolate without telling us!  He actually said he was surprised his dinner blood sugar wasn't above 300!  There were tears by him and me.  No yelling, he already felt guilty but as he said "the chocolate just looked too good!"  We called the endocrinologist and she helped guide us a bit.  We just tested for bedtime and he's still high but not as high as dinner.  We corrected again and will be ever more vigilant tonight hoping we haven't over corrected.  Lesson learned, don't let chocolate be easily accessible to your sneaky child.  This has never been an issue before.  Now, now there were hugs, tears and apologies by both of us.  I apologized for not realizing how much his basket of goodies would tempt him and being a bad Mom for not taking that into consideration and he apologized and promised to never sneak food without telling us.  We could have covered it with insulin had we known.  Now it's a guessing game to get it right.  Fingers crossed we did.  Now I have six months to put a game plan together for the craziness of Halloween through Christmas.  Halloween especially is the one that could be tough.  We'll figure it out.  For now, I think I'll hide any chocolate in the house.

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  1. You are not a bad mom in the least. Please do not believe that for one second. You all learned a lot and will now be prepared for the future. ((hugs)) to you all.