Sunday, April 6, 2014


New INsillion to carb ratios and new amount for evening Lantus.  Still getting wonky highs after a day but at least a few more are in range and of course the lows have returned.

My cold returned full force yesterday.  I feel miserable and we had plans to all go to the opening of the drive in.  Instead hubby took both by himself and I slept.  They did great!  Sugar Bear got to enjoy some snacks and hubby gave INsillion during the show.  I'm impressed with my boys.  The drive in is a spring to fall almost every weekend ritual for us.  We're not going to let diabetes stop that.  At first Sugar Bear was reluctant to go.  He was worried about highs and lows.  And then he wasn't happy I wasn't going.  But this morning he has talked non stop about the movie.  It is the right move.  We can do this!  Pics are from last year at Mother's Day.  The drive in has gone digital since then.  I'm sure we'll have some pics this year when I finally get to go.

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