Friday, April 11, 2014


The link is to a NYTimes article that was published a few days ago.  I've had some time to read it, read blogs expressing how people felt about it, and try to process my own reaction to it.  I found the overall focus of the article to be about the outrageous nature of healthcare costs.  But the author lost focus.  She rambled.  She used phrases and words that could give a not so great impression of type 1 diabetics. My son's life sustaining and fulfilling (because who wants to live a life without joy) tools are not "gadgets".  I took issue with that term and her portrayal that these "technology upgrades" were not necessary.  So that got me to thinking.  We're really new at all of this.  At first we did syringe injections of vial insulin.  The basics.  Did it work?  Sure, absolutely.  We were given a Jr. Pen for the novolog with insulin cartridges.  Goofy Teenager has a friend with type 1 who told Sugar Bear to "never do the pen, it hurts more and left a scar".  So Sugar Bear was very reluctant to even try it.  It took awhile and some bribing but when he finally acquiesced he couldn't believe how much it didn't hurt!  And then was disappointed we didn't have pens for the Lantus as well.  It took more than a month to get the Lantus pen and now all of his injections are less painful.  Do the syringe and pen do the same thing?  Absolutely, they both deliver insulin.  Does one make my son's life more comfortable and easier for us?  Absolutely.  Is one less wasteful?  Yup.  My point, tools that are for people to live are not "gadgets".   They are necessary tools and sustain life.  Advancements in technology make life better for people with disease that would otherwise kill them.  They need these things.  I agree that the cost is exorbitant.  I don't understand why lancets can be fairly inexpensive but testing strips are not.  I don't know why on a lot of the costs for medicine but if it's helping to advance research and new inventions that will make Sugar Bears life better then I think it's worth it.  My worry is how will he get his supplies when he's older? Will insurance be helpful enough so he doesn't go without?  But we'll figure that out when we get there.  For the time being the pen wins over syringes at our house!  They're also a pretty cool "gadget".  ;)

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