Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Spring

Our first food holiday (besides his birthday) and I think we got this.  A little bit more planning on the Easter bunny! And both boys love their baskets.  They both got silly putty eggs, bunny pez dispenser, some chocolates, a chocolate bunny in a tin, bunny carrots, a drinking cup, pen or pencils, and individualized baskets.  Every food item is either 5g or 15g of carbs or has nutritional information on it.  I think the Easter bunny did all right.  The boys seem happy and that is what counts.  Now to hard boil and color eggs today.  Happy Spring.  May your day feel fresh, new, and hopeful.  I know mine does.


  1. Nice job Easter Bunny! Love the bed head :)

    1. Thanks. I loved the bed head. He couldn't wait to wake his brother to see the baskets before breakfast in hopes he could eat something out of it.