Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good Day

So we've noticed a trend.  Whenever we get together with our good friends, Sugar Bear's numbers drop.  When we've been over to their house for dinner and he's within range he drops low.  Today we went out and met our friend's kids at a museum and Sugar Bear was high (289).  I didn't correct it and by the time we were leaving (only an hour and a half later because Goofy Teenager had a massive headache and it was about lunch time) he was 115.  His comment "We should get together more often with them.  I seem to have better numbers around them."  Considering his numbers have continuously been high recently that wouldn't be so bad.  I'm thinking we'll be making some ratio adjustments as we can't seem to keep him in range.  At first I thought maybe it's been because we all were sick.  Now, I'm not so sure. 

For the testing today in the van, it was a group effort.  Goofy Teenager got the site prepped, I got the lancet device ready, and Sugar Bear did his own poking and reading.  I was so proud of both my boys.  

We had a fantastic time at the museum.  Lot's of learning and running around.  Made me miss the days when I was "just" a stay at home Mom. 

These are my two favorite pics from today.  The Goofy Teenager and my Sugar Bear.  I love these boys with all my heart. 

In the van when we were leaving the museum, we saw a van with some JDRF walk for a cure shoe placards.  It made us smile.  We're not the only ones.

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