Monday, March 24, 2014


So Sugar Bear allowed me to give his very first shot in his belly.  He said it tickled.  It didn't hurt as much as the arms.  And in the process of asking him what he thought and whether we could do more shots in the belly he replied in a deepened voice "New area...unlocked"

So last night I did our normal routine and at the 3am test he was low.  Grabbed a juicy juice, made him sit up and drink it, tested fifteen minutes later and he was fine.  I asked him this morning if he remembered drinking the juice.  "No Mom, I was asleep."


  1. Love the sense of humor. So much easier to go through life when you can find something to smile about even during the low times.

    1. He definitely has a sense of humor. And you are so right that it can make things easier. Smiling and laughter are the best medicines! Thanks for the comment. Luv