Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fingers crossed

Daylight savings time messes with you even when your not on a regimented schedule, but have something like type 1 diabetes and it really does a number.  More like quite a few unexpected numbers and moments.
This was Sugar Bears mid morning number as he wasn't feeling good.  It was almost lunch time with the daylight savings change and we just corrected with his bolus.  Of course we haven't changed the time on the meter yet.  Will have to get hubby to do that tonight.  Anyway, it was a pretty big shot!  Way more than a normal lunch time shot.  The good news, this was the first blood sugar test he did himself!  Of course it had to be a high number.  When we tested for snack time his number was 169, still not in range but way better and he also did that test himself too!  Then around 3:30 he says he's shaky.  I can visibly see his hands shaking so I do the test.
Really?  Not what we wanted to see.  Grabbed a juicy juice and fifteen minutes later he's back to normal.  Me, my heart was still in my throat.  It's not the lowest he's been but it was physically visible. He literally was shaking and pale.  Sometimes the lows don't seem to really affect him.  But big changes in levels like today definitely do.  Hopefully bedtime is less crazy.    

Drago is still dealing with concussion issues like headaches and dizziness.  It's hard to keep a bored teenager down.  He's supposed to just physically and mentally rest.  Not easy to do.  Wednesday can't come soon enough for him.  (That's his doctor's appointment and he is hoping to be released from his "prison sentence" a.k.a. Return to reading and watching videos and going back to school).  It's awful but I will enjoy not having to be up by 6am tomorrow to get him ready for school.  Maybe I'll be more rested this week.  Fingers crossed.

On Thursday Sugar Bear will be getting some much needed orthodontia.  Hopefully it'll help save his permanent teeth.  I, of course, will be at work-- a nervous wreck I'm sure.  

Anyway, it is about time to test for bedtime snack, then check again at 10, midnight and 3am.  Let's hope that's all I have to do tonight.  

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