Monday, March 3, 2014


These two links are just a little of the "light" reading I've been doing.  I actually find writings like these to be super informative.  The first one is about possible triggers, especially environmental, for type 1 diabetes.  The second talks about dietary fat and how it effects blood glucose and insulin needs.  It's all a juggling act.

We finally ordered one of these for Sugar Bear.
He's very particular.  He didn't want buckles or leather or cord.  He only wanted rubber because he said it was more comfortable.  He'd have more options if he wanted to branch out a bit but no pressure.  He has his whole life to accessorize.
And since we were looking at alert bracelets for Sugar Bear we came to the realization that hubby definitely needs one.  He has a lot of health issues and I think we're going to get an interactive ID.

In the last couple of nights we have been having high numbers, even one night above 300.  I think we may need a dinner correction to his ratio.  My guess is the honeymoon is waning.

I did some reading on ISF (insulin sensitivity factor) and think I need to get the book "Think Like a Pancreas".  I seem to run across that title fairly regularly when I'm researching.

Yesterday hubby said it felt like we were able to breathe a little better.  I said it was like getting oxygen through a reed straw.  We're not drowning anymore but this road is tough.  We're tougher.  This family has been through so much:  endometriosis and surgeries, pre-eclampsia, double knee replacements, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, gangrenous gall bladder removal, repair to rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, diverticulosis, bone lipping in the neck, vitiligo, Type 2 diabetes, and now Type 1 and the list goes on.  When I said I wanted to grow old with hubby I didn't mean this fast.  But we're strong.

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