Saturday, March 15, 2014


I'm putting together a team for a walk to raise funds for JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation).  I want to participate as much as I can in helping to cure Sugar Bear.  Last night the little guy and I designed t-shirts.  I'm pretty excited about it and so is he.  Fave color blue.  Check.  Now to get some more team members to wear these cute shirts!  If you are interested in participating or donating please go here.

It's been a crazy few days.  We did a dinner time correction and that seems to be working in bringing his numbers down but now we're having more lows again.  Sometimes this feels like a seesaw.  Constantly ups and downs.

And guilt is eating me up.  I've been so exhausted and stressed lately that I've missed (slept through) the 3 am checks.  Luckily everything has been fine but I hate waking up panicked because I hadn't checked.  DIB (also known as Dead in Bed) syndrome scares me so much!  Stress outside of the diabetes has not been helpful.  My job, extended family-I wish things were easier.

And finally, I found out I'm going to be a Great aunt to a nephew at the end of July.  My only nephew is going to be a daddy!  I'm so excited.  I wish I lived closer (he lives in another state hours away) so I could help out.  Baby's are such blessings!

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