Monday, March 17, 2014

Holding my breath

The teenager testing Sugar Bear.

My crew.

Sugar Bear heading out with his kit.

Just a few pics to brighten the day.  Spring is just about here and we can't wait.  We had pretty warm weather on Saturday and went to a friends for dinner.  It ended up being a fairly late dinner and Sugar Bears numbers have been pretty wonky since then.  So basically we have had one decent day of numbers and now he's either high or low.  He prefers the lows because as he said "I get to eat more!"  Lows scare me.  We had a talk about it in the car on the way home as we were treating a low while driving.  Plus Drago is still healing from his concussion.  He overdid it at the friend's house and was pretty sick going to bed.  Today is a bit better for him, but something more to worry about it.  

Okay do not google this.  Seriously don't.  Wet shots.  It's actually a term we use when a little insulin or blood comes out after a shot.  The blood is caused from hitting a capillary.  The insulin is an absorption issue.  Anyway, for some reason I'm a pro at getting one of these shots.  I hate them.  I'm needle phobic and I get queasy with the sight of blood.  I've gotten better.  Had too.  I don't have to go lay down afterwards and the cold and clammy seems to have left me alone.  But in the last two days I've had two of these.  I get nervous.  I prep the site, put the shot in, count, and then I hold my breath and pull the needle out.  9 times out of 10 it's fine.  It seems like I hold my breath a lot these days.  

Anyway, that's the most recent stuff going on.

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