Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dex Part Two

We arrived with about half an hour before the walk started.  The plan was for hubby to get an electric cart and be able to roll with the walk.  While he was looking into that I was collecting Team items, tickets and t-shirts, as the captain.  We had some amazing last minute donations that put us over $1200!  This allowed us a few tickets for the park afterwards.  Both boys were doing amazingly well. A little high with all the excitement and the extra 15 carbs left off at breakfast.  Finally found our team in all the chaos and hubby delivered the message they weren't open for him to rent a cart meaning he won't be able to physically be with us.  Pretty disappointing.  I passed out t-shirts to our 6 other members of our team, gathered our things, stood for the Star Spangled Banner, and it was time to walk.

It was a different route this year.  We missed seeing the animatronic dinosaurs but the kids seemed to like the game area we walked through.  Things moved pretty steadily.  At the beginning of the walk, Drago spotted a Dexcom on a girl's arm and excitedly pointed it out to me.  Later on Sugar Bear noticed a girl off to the side testing her blood sugar.  And there was the back of one shirt that the boys loved.  It said "laughter is the best medicine, unless your Type 1 then insulin is the best medicine."  The walk was "easier" in some ways this year.  There were no complaints of are we done yet, how much further.  Only had to check Sugar Bear's BS once and could just glance at my share ap from the Dex on my phone to know what was up with Drago's.  Part way through we had a potty break and then it was over almost as quickly as it had started.  Walking through the vendors we picked up an Omnipod Demo for Drago and two books for one of the kids on our team.  Even with the hurried chaos of the morning it still was more relaxed then last year. be continued

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