Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dex part one

Busy, busy, busy.  End of the school year and Drago, who missed weeks of school, is cramming to get everything done so he passes one of his classes and doesn't have to do summer school.  Our JDRF walk this past Saturday.  And the biggest news and change in the household is we got a Dexcom with share capabilities for Drago almost two weeks ago.  He was so excited we put it on right away after watching the tutorials and talking with our rep.  It has made a noticeable difference.  Even Sugar Bear is interested in it now!  I've been saying for over a year that the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) would be awesome.  It really is.

It was intimidating.  The insertion plunger made both of us nervous.  But the fact it hurt no more than a finger prick or a shot went a long way in making our experience good.  That first week and first sensor was a game changer for us.  Drago slept!  He has more energy.  He's more relaxed.  He feels like he's gained back some freedom and control.  It's not 100% so you still need to check with an actual blood glucose especially for dosing insulin or treating lows.  It has an accuracy of +/-20% 80 and above and a +/-20 points when below 80.  It absolutely needs to be calibrated every 12 hours and sometimes more.  The adhesive leaves a lot to be desired.  (We had to purchase some tegaderm to keep that first sensor on.  A box of four pads is $16!). When it came time for removal last week we were once again nervous not knowing what to really expect.  He said he hates the removal more than the insertion.  For adhesive that didn't want to stay stuck during the week it didn't come off easily when we wanted to remove it.  We had a little break of a few hours before putting the second one in.  And then Drago did almost all of the steps for putting the new one on.  (Actually pushing the plunger and pulling back on the collar still falls to me.  I get it.  It's a little unnerving.).

And then we had our walk on Saturday.  Had a very early arrival time, and ended up later than we planned because Drago had a not so great night, was sleepy, and is a teenager.  Then when you factor in breakfast, blood sugar checking, and insulin shots times two, well.....we were half an hour late.

.....to be continued

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