Friday, June 12, 2015

Always Something

Sunday after the walk was rest day and  new insert for Dex and boy did we need it.  We missed having that info.

Then Monday dropped Drago off at school and picked up our medical supplies from the nurse's station.  I had a great conversation with the nurse and the assistant about ketone meters and CGMs.  Both knew very little about them before Drago's diagnosis even though their are 6 other Type 1s in his school!  I do love to educate.

Tuesday was the last day of school and that night was exhibition night from 5-7.  Just Drago and I went.  We had a great time.  I loved seeing one of the projects he did in Language Arts.  It was really creative, but my favorite was talking with one of his teachers that has been so supportive through Drago's diagnosis.  I was able to thank him in person and let him know he made a difference.

Wednesday I went to a meeting for new campers to the diabetes camp the boys will be going to in about three weeks!  It left me both excited and nervous.  A doctor and nurse and two counsellors in every cabin of 12 kids.  They provide all medical supplies (insulin, syringes, meters, test strips, glucose tabs, etc...-everything except Dex sensors and pump inserts).  They won't have their kit because they won't need it.  Both boys were a bit nervous about that but our endo said they are always with someone who has those supplies and they can test whenever they need too.  That seemed to help.

And Thursday was both boys endocrinologist appointment and orthodontist appointments.  Both A1cs went down!  Everything looks pretty good.  The only concern right now is Sugar Bear's thyroid.     His TSH is elevated--5.2.  The next appointment he has to do some lab work just for the thyroid.  It is highly possible he has an autoimmune response hurting the thyroid (hypothyroidism).  It's not out of the realm of possibilities.  And I keep telling myself we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.  But it makes me want to cry.  He doesn't need another diagnosis.  He doesn't need more medicine to keep him going.  Type 1 is plenty.  You hear me, Universe?  Leave my baby alone!  Anyway, the endo printed a graph from Drago's Dex and that definitely was a high point of the appointment.  We were able to come home and download the software on his computer and he has access any time to that info.  This made him very, very excited.  He wants to bring his 6.9 A1c down even more.  I'm so proud of my boys!  Drago is talking pump now and Sugar Bear seems to be changing his mind on all these technologies.

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