Friday, June 12, 2015

Dex part three

After the walk it was time to have some fun at the Park and ride roller coasters.  Hubby and best friend were leaving so it would just be best friend's husband, myself, and four kids.  But oh knows, where are the tickets and food vouchers?  Somehow before the walk when I was handing out t-shirts I must have laid them on the bleacher seats and never picked them back up!  They were nowhere to be found.  The folks with JDRF are beautiful, beautiful people and made everything work out.  We headed in and the first ride that two of the kids wanted to go on was Banshee.  I tested Sugar Bear and calculated the possibility of blood sugar dropping while in line and figured he was good to go.  Handed Best friend's husband (BFH) some glucose tabs to put in his pocket just in case and then I waited with the two teenager's.  Next thing I know the Dex alarms with two arrows down and Drago isn't feeling great.  We check and confirm he is low, get him a juice and a pudding and while we are waiting for the retest the rest of our crew comes back from their thrilling ride.  Recheck and everything is good and head out for more fun.  We made our way through the park, riding bumper cars, playing in the arcade and then it was time for the next big ride that everyone was going on (except me--herniated discs last summer had me playing it safe).  Checked both boys and both seemed good to go.  While waiting on them I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me who had a team shirt on.  We had a great conversation about pumps and CGMs and diabetes camp.  And then my group was back from the ride.  One look at Drago and I knew we needed to check him.  Checked the Dex, double arrows down.  Tested and he was 64.  Got a juice in him but he was dizzy, shaking, and not very coherent.  Had him eat four glucose tabs too.  Fifteen minutes later he was 89, and felt somewhat okay enough to walk and get lunch.  I sat with him while BFH got lunch for everyone.  Once he was eating he perked back up.  Lunch and insulin and uncovered dippin dots we headed back out.  I took the boys for bumper cars and more arcade games and BFH and his daughter went to ride Diamondback.  We ended up meeting back at the carousel where Sugar Bear and Lil Miss rode together.  They were so cute.  We wrapped up our fun at the park around 2:30/3 and then loaded up in the van for me to take the other family home, go collect my husband, and head back over to their house for more fun and dinner.  At BF's house we ended up removing the Dex sensor
around 8:30 because it was causing some pain.  I'm guessing it got bumped a few too many times on the rides.  So we flew solo for the night and that was a little unnerving.  But everyone did great.  Sugar Bear did have a low at 3am but it was easily corrected. No seizures!

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  1. That WAS a good day - and I'm so happy that you raised the amount you did!