Saturday, January 3, 2015

The 3am Mombie

For 367 days we've been checking Sugar Bear's blood glucose (bs).  We've been checking before breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, bedtime snack, midnight and 3am.  We've never missed a daytime check.  Out of those 367 days we have missed 29 3am checks.  On some of those we checked at 4:30am or 6am but most we didn't check until 7 or 8am when we woke up.  That panic and guilt when you miss the 3am check is like a stone in the belly.  You immediately visibly check your child to make sure they are breathing.  Some in the diabetes community skip that middle of the night check altogether.  We (with our endo's advise)  just can't do that.  We can't imagine going 8 hours regularly without checking.  We don't do that during the day and daytime is easier to make sure he's okay because he is awake.  Those middle of the night checks have caught lows of 50s and highs in the 300s.  We've force fed juice and peanut butter crackers for lows and given an injection of insulin praying he doesn't jerk or rollover while we were doing it all while holding a little flashlight in my mouth.  I received a fantastic and practical gift for Christmas.  It's something that has already made those middle of the night checks and shots so much easier.  It may not make me pretty but it works and I love it!  (Please ignore the messy bed head and the dark circles and sleepy eyes--that is my normal 3am Mombie look.)

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