Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So the snow days for Drago went from Tuesday to Thursday.  He had school on Friday and couldn't go to the Y with Sugar Bear on Saturday because he had a practice for his group's competition coming up.  During that week we had two days of straight highs.  I was worried that Sugar Bear was getting sick.  Have even had to give two shots at the 3am check in a week.  The most recent was two nights ago.  When we're not battling the highs we are battling the lows.  And in that same period of time we've had to treat lows twice at three am and twice at midnight. The most recent 3am low was last night. I'm exhausted.


Sugar Bear loved swim lessons.  After the lessons he refused to leave he was having so much fun.  Although he did tell me he "almost drowned" when he did a cannonball and the instructor saved him.  Wish I could've seen it.  Unfortunately I was at work so had to miss it all.  I'm just glad he enjoyed it.

Drago should have returned to school on Monday but they had another Plan E day due to icy conditions.  Then he had a migraine and missed Tuesday.  Luckily he went back today and everything looks good for tomorrow.  They have no school on Friday.  We're trying to get back into the swing of things but it is slow going.  Migraines and weather=too many missed days already.  We didn't even get to watch all of the Championship College Football Game monday night; we were dealing with Drago not feeling well and trying to get everything done while balancing Sugar Bear's crankiness of his roller coaster blood sugars.  Growth spurts=no sleep for me.

I had my 90 day review at work and it went very well.  I love my new job, now if I could just do it without causing myself to have blisters under my big toes I'd be happy.  (Bunched up socks + outside for hours= blisters).

Had an unexpected call from my brother informing me that my Dad had emergency surgery for a "widowmaker".  He was very lucky.  They caught it.  As luck would have it, I was already scheduled for a routine check with my cardiologist for today.  It went okay.  Heart doc wants to send me for an echocardiogram just as a precaution.  Will be doing that in less than two weeks.  I did a stress test two years ago because I thought I was having a heart attack but it turned out to be preventricular contractions.  They even showed up on the EKG at the hospital. Besides my Dad now, there is also a history of heart issues on my Mom's side of the family.  I have two Uncles and an Aunt that have had blockages. I'm not sure how to proceed with my Dad.  I'm leaning towards sending him a card.  We haven't spoken in years and at first he told my brother not to tell me what was going on.  But I'd like to try.  For me and for my boys and for my brother if not for my Dad.  We've had many issues but if we can get along adult level to adult level it's possible to have a relationship.  I know my Grandma would've wanted that.  I've always been told it takes two to tango, maybe it's time for me to sit this one out.  Maybe he'll join me.

And just as a reminder with Valentine's Day just around the corner, don't forget to Spare A Rose, Save A Child campaign.  It's one that is dear to my heart.  (wink wink)  This fundraising works towards getting insulin and supplies to children in countries that don't have the kind of access we do here.  It literally saves lives.  Spare a Rose, Save a Child  I will be talking more about this on future posts.

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