Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Double Digits

Cake, cake, and more cake.  What a difference a year makes!  This year I had Sugar Bear's birthday off as well as Sunday for his party.  And randomly I was given Monday off too!  A three day weekend, I should be more rested than I am.  Lol  but life and diabetes don't work that way.  No rest for the weary.

On Sugar Bear's actual birthday on Saturday, Drago had his final CyberPatriots competition.  They did well.  And in the evening we went to dinner with our friends.  Sugar Bear had a blast.  His little friend had made him a beautiful red velvet cake with blue in it and blue icing.  It was delicious.  I'd also brought over mini cupcakes from the grocery store, about 13 carbs a piece on those.  We had sketti, Sugar Bear's fave, and he was HUNGRY.  He ate two helpings of sketti as well as some cake.   He got a big shot of insulin and this time I didn't split it like I did at Thanksgiving. He made wishes and opened presents, watched videos with his friends and played hard.  He was having so much fun.  The adults played cards and we were equally entertained.  It was a nice evening until about 10:45pm. I could hear his anger from upstairs and as soon as I saw him and heard him I knew.  He was slurring his words and Drago and the other boy were making fun of it.  They didn't know.  If Sugar Bear had been in his 20s and not just 10 one would even assume he was drunk based on his behavior.  It was awful.  I sent the other boys out of the room and tested his BS.  98, not low but I knew it must be dropping and dropping fast.  I tried to calm him down.  He was on a loop.  Crying and anger, refusing to drink any juice or take a glucose tab or anything.  Saying he'd rather end up in the hospital.  Not rational at all.  He knocked the juice out of my hands numerous times.  After five minutes I was able to check again.  He'd dropped to 87.  At this point I yelled to the adults upstairs to bring me a mini cupcake hoping he'd be interested in that since nothing else was working.  My mind was already on the glucagon in the kit next to me.  The cupcake worked.  He started by licking the icing.  It was still a battle for another half hour.  I was just trying to get him high enough and stable enough that we could make the 20 minute drive home safely.  He'd bump up a little on the BS and then drop right back down.  The lowest he dropped was 81 so he was never "officially" low.  After a cupcake, a 27g juice, and another 15g juice he was 115 and we headed home.  Drago was devastated when he figured out what was going on and how he didn't know that symptom.  He was genuinely horrified to have treated his brother that way.  We checked the BS again when we got home at 11:40 and he was 119.  He should be good.  But I tested again at midnight and he'd dropped again.  It wasn't as big of a drop so I didn't treat and decided to wait a half an hour and test again.  This time he had dropped again and got his 100 for his birthday but that was too low for sleep, so he had 15 more grams.  I waited 15 more minutes and he was over 120.  I set my alarm for the 3 am check.  It was only two hours away.  At 3am he'd dropped again to 85.  It was another struggle to get him to drink 15g of juice but we did it and then tested 15 minutes later.  This time he was 110 but I felt that much of a jump in 15 minutes meant I could sleep some more, even if it wasn't very restful.  At 6:30am I was up, worried, so I checked, 131. I let him sleep but I couldn't go back to bed, it was time to bake a cake for his party.  When he got up at 8 for breakfast he was 136.  I have no idea how we put 112 uncovered carbs in him and he still woke in range.  I will be discussing this event with the endo at our next appointment, if not before.  I'm just thankful to have caught what could have been a sever persistent low before it happened or a hospital trip.  Mommy instincts can be amazing.  He didn't even remember any of this in the morning.  He woke excited for his party.

His Grandparents for his birthday paid for a LASERQUEST party.  One of the boys we invited is a classmate of Drago's and also a Type 1.  If you've never done laser tag let me just say they are a lot of fun and very physical.  After the evening he had I was a little worried, but I didn't need to be.  It was fantastic and in some ways he got to be "normal" for a bit.  He had an uncovered cupcake before the first round of tag.  And then pizza and cake without a shot before the second round.  At the end of the party it was close enough to snack time so we checked blood sugar and he was a little out of range so we corrected and headed to GameStop to spend some of his birthday money and then to drop off Drago's friend from school.  We left some of the cupcakes with him and his family. Sygar Bear never went low or had a huge drop or even went very high.  He was pretty steady and said it "was the best birthday party ever."  This is an activity he really enjoyed.

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day so we were all home.  It made me think of that Martin Luthor King Jr. day 10 years ago.  We had a beautiful and uncomplicated homebirth.  The midwife even arrived a little late as I had about half of Sugar Bear already out.  It was peaceful.  It was uncomplicated.  It was easy.  Diabetes isn't easy but I no longer feel like I'm drowning.  It's more like a feeling of sitting in a boat that periodically springs leaks that you typically can plug.   And sometimes the water is really choppy and sometimes there are storms and it can get scarey.  Of course you have paddles but don't always know where you're going.  But in that boat on that water when it is clear and sunny and beautiful, your skin feels the warmth and your heart is glad and tears of joy come to your eyes.  I am so thankful to have my baby and celebrate his life no matter the storms.

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