Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Snow day.  Typically I might be cranky about it, but it was nice to have a snow day today.  Sugar Bear had a low at midnight and then a "sticky" low at 3am.  Those sticky lows are ridiculous.  We tested at 3.  He was low so I have to wake him enough to get 15gms of fast acting carbs in him.  This is not easy.  Then we wait 15 and check again.  During that waiting time last night I fell back asleep with the headlamp on me.  Woke panicked when the fifteen minute alarm went off.  Tested again, still low.  He had only gone up 4 on his blood glucose.  Now here is where we debate about giving more carbs or waiting and testing again in fifteen.  Last night I chose to wait.  I fell asleep again.  Headlamp still solidly attached to me. Woke panicked again.  Tested and we were out of the danger zone, but not by much.  The rest of my three hours of sleep was not very restful.  I woke at 6 to snow.  Checked and Drago's school had called what they call a Plan E day.  (It stands for elluminate.  They don't have to go to school, essentially a snow day, but they have to get on the computor for part of the day and "have class" there).  I went back to sleep until 7:30.  Heaven.

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