Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Like Him

Tuesday was Smart Teenager's last day of 8th grade.  It ended his first year of brick and mortar school.  Up to this point we had homeschooled him.    Sugar Bear decided to ride with us in the morning.

 After school we all headed back for Exhibition night where we got to see what the kids had worked on at the end of the school year and during their three week immersion courses.  Teenager did his immersion course called "History According to Hollywood".  It was with his favorite (and one of the toughest) teachers he had this year.  Exhibition night was tough for Sugar Bear.  His numbers had been high once again all day.  By the time we were at the school he was having trouble keeping emotions in check.  We were only their maybe half an hour and he "melted".  Full on tantrum prone on the floor.  Teenager was a school ambassador so he wasn't "with" us at that moment but he did happen to be walking by with a family he was helping as his brother is loudly crying and laying on the floor.  We (hubby and I) picked up Sugar Bear and quickly walked him out of the school and to the van while whispering to the Teenager to just ignore us.  I felt so bad for all my boys.  Hubby sat in the van with Sugar Bear and calmed him down while I headed back in.  His BS was 231 when we'd gotten to the school by the time we left it was 136 (okay, so one number was in range).  It was tough on all of us, but I am so proud of both boys.  Teenager with his concussion even managed to keep all A's.  He's such a hardworker.  Oh, and their was frybread!  One of the immersions was a multicultural one run by a woman with Choctaw and Blackfoot family.  She was making frybread and my nose totally found it (luckily this was while hubby and Sugar Bear were in the van--I have no idea how to carb count frybread-I'm going to need to figure that out and soon). 

One of the coolest exhibits were these carved wooden puzzle figures.  The puzzle pieces were organs.  Sugar Bear's first comment was "Where's their pancreas?"  None of them had one.  So our assessment was they were all diabetic just like him.  :)

All in all it wasn't too bad of a day.  Just stressful.  Our normal.

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