Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rollah Coasta

  This song by the Ohio Players "Love Rollercoaster" has been going through my head since saturday and has been added to our "Diabetes Playlist Songs".  lol

After the walk we gathered our items and the husband of my BFF carried them out to their van.  We had already planned on going to their house for dinner that evening and then I offered tickets and lunch vouchers to hang out with us at the Amusement Park.  It didn't take much convincing for them to stay.  Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as we did.  I think so.  We sunscreened, reiterated ground rules, talked about safety concerns and where we'd meet if we got lost and then headed in. 
It was right around 10am.  Last time I checked Sugar Bear's sugar was on the walk when it was 189.  I figured we had some time and could walk and maybe even ride before food.
Although Sugar Bear may have already been hungry.  hehe  One of the first things the kids saw and thought was pretty neat.  My Sugar Bear loves his mac and cheese.  Hey, little man, did you test first?  And I have no idea how many carbs that one noodle has but my guess is I don't have enough insulin to help you cover it.  It was so great to have our "extended" family go with us.  These kids have seriously grown up together.  They are basically like siblings or cousins just minus that genetic blood connection.  Sugar Bear and the little punky girl are only three weeks apart.  She's taller but he's older.  ;) 
We then went to our first roller coaster, The Vortex.  Before going on I decided we should check BS as the kit and all our stuff was going to stay with my Mom and my friend as they were sitting this ride out.  BS 107.  The lowest he got while in the Amusement Park.  Actually in range but such a drop in less than an hour and a half that I decided to give him a juicy juice before riding.  There was no wait.  We got on right away!  We did not ride all the way in front.  I rode with Sugar Bear.  My friend rode with his daughter.  And the teenager rode with his buddy.  Sugar Bear and the Teenager said it was terrifying, but they both, especially Sugar Bear, seemed to enjoy it.  We went for lunch after that.  We had pizza and breadsticks.  We left off two units of insulin!
Then we went to ride more rides, play in the arcade, more rides, dippin dots, 80s store, carousal, and then home. 

He had some issues at the end of the park day but once he was in the car and had a brownie he "perked" right back up.  We ended up still going to our friends house for dinner and hung out there til 9:30 ish, with more play in the backyard.  Lot's of activity.  But when we got home and tested at 10 he was 155.  We did it!  (and I started to celebrate a little too soon).  Everyone went to bed and when I went to check on him at midnight he was low.  I tried to wake him like I usually do and typically he's easy and drinks his juice and goes right back to sleep.  Not so much this night.  He fought me.  He tried to knock the juice out of my hands.  He did the "not there" cry and it was awful.  Trying to get him to drink was almost impossible.  Somehow I managed.  I didn't sleep more than two hours as I had to keep checking on him.  By morning he was fine without one memory of the late evening. 

He immediately wanted to know if we could do it again.  

You bet, Sugar Bear, just give Mommy a little time to recover.

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