Sunday, June 15, 2014

He's Our Rock

When I started dating my husband he already had a son.  The baby wasn't 't quite two years old yet.  He and his Mom lived many different places and we only saw him sporadically throughout the years but he (and his Mom) taught us how to be parents.  I loved seeing my new husband with a child.  He's always had a sense of humor and a childlike inquisitiveness that translates so well with children.  He's a great Dad and I don't tell him that enough..   
Before we had our two boys, we both worked and played hard.  He did house restoration with his own Dad. During that time I had my own health issues with endometriosis and he was my support.  Then we had our first baby.  What a learning curve.  The teenager was a colicky baby and those first weeks my husband would drive him around while he screamed so I could sleep a little.  I became a stay at home Mom and did that for Ten years.  When the Teenager was four we had Sugar Bear.  Hubby was just finishing law school.  Sugar bear was a planned homebirth that turned into a mostly unassisted birth.  (Hubby was answering the door to let the midwife in and Sugar bear was already half way out). Hubby was my only support during that labor and was the best.  Four years after Sugar Bear was born and hubby had many health issues to deal with.  Both knees gave out on him and he had to stop semi-truck driving and have both replaced at the same time.  During recovery, we realized Sugar Bear had never seen Daddy taller than Mom.  We could dance again.  He could walk.  Then just a short time later he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  We thought we'd had our share of health issues.  Hubby wasn't able to return to truck driving due to health issues.  At this point, I was helping him dress and feeding him.  He has lipping (where bone grows over bone) in his neck, psoriatic arthritis in all his joints, genetically fused ankle bones, psoriasis, vitiligo, diabetes, etc...He has many autoimmune issues and chronic pain.  And even through all of this he has basically kept a good attitude and a great sense of humor.  We love him so so very much.
So I went back to work and he stayed home with the kids, homeschooling them and each helping the other.

Then Sugar Bear was diagnosed with Type 1.  I've never heard my husband cry so deeply. It broke my heart. I thought we'd been through it all.  I thought we could handle anything.  We were tested.  This was the hardest thing we've ever gone through and continue to go through.  But through it all my husband has been our rock.  I went right back to work on Saturday after Sugar Bear's release from the hospital (even though I had been recommended by the nurses and doctors to take at least the weekend off before returning to work).  I was only able to do that because of Sugar Bear's Daddy.  He's got this.  He does the majority of the testing while I'm working.  We keep in contact through text and phone calls during the day.  We've made mistakes, but we keep on learning. None of this would be possible without him.  We need him.  We love him.  Honey, Happy Father's Day.

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