Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Having a Ball

I dropped the proverbial ball.  Got Drago to school on time.  Came back home to get Sugar Bear up and fed and BG checked and dosed.  Went to get in the fridge to get his insulin out and realized Drago's was still here.  I forgot to pack his fast acting novolog!  Fifteen days in and I forgot to send him to school with one of the most important parts of his treatment.  I know we have backup at the school in the nurse's office but hubby is on his way over to drop it off anyway.  It's important for him to have it on him, just in case.  I blame the forgetfulness on the 3am check that had Sugar Bear in range but needed fast acting sugar for Drago, he was low for sleep.  He had dropped 80 points in 3 hours and if he continued on that trend we would have had a serious emergency.  (We did glucose tabs because he refused to drink the juice).

Drago has decided he wants to try the Dexcom and Omnipod.  Now to call insurance and work on getting all that in place for him.  I don't know if he'll like it but it seems to me to be a positive step.  Who knows, it might make Sugar Bear interested too.

We picked out a new walk team name.  We are now Team M.D.  The M is for monkey and the D is for Drago.  We designed new shirts that was totally an exercise in compromise in order to incorporate both boys and their desires.  Now to work on more fundraising.  A cure can't come soon enough.

In other news, both boys are going to camp!  At the same time!  To the camp that is specifically for Type 1s where they have nurses and doctors and educators on hand and where I can trust they will be safe!  It isn't until the beginning of July and we had to bribe Sugar Bear but Drago came to it on his own.  He decided that before he goes back to the camp he attended last year he wants to go to camp for kids with diabetes so he could learn how to handle things when he returns to the other one next year!  Such a mature and responsible decision.  These kids amaze me!  Now can I just say I am unbelievably excited!  Hubby and I will have a week to ourselves.  I love my boys more than I can say, but we need a recharge.  As a couple and individually!  A week without 3am checks!  A week off for us.  I know my kids will never get a vacation from all of this, and it makes me feel a bit guilty that I am so looking forward to this when they never can, but Moira in her diabetes burnout session on Sunday talked about making "you" #1, like the saying about putting your own oxygen mask on on an airplane before you put your child's on.  It's the first step in beating burn out.  I loved this quote from her "being healthy also involves being happy."


  1. What a big step for Drago with the Dexcom and Omnipod, and what a HUGE steps for both boys w/ camp! And there is NO shame in being excited about it - it doesn't mean that you love them any less, because I know you would NOT be sending them unless you knew in your heart they will be well cared for - it just means you are excited about a good thing happening for ALL of you!!! YOU need this, THEY need this. I'm SO excited for all of you!!!!

  2. Thanks Runa. Definitely some big steps.