Friday, March 13, 2015


It has been a very challenging week and three days. Drago has surprised me by giving himself some of his shots daily as well as doing some of his BS checks too.  There has been a wide range of emotions.  Lot's of crying, lot's of anger and not just from the newly diagnosed teenager.  I have witnessed utter despair and anguish as well as determination on Drago.  We are looking into getting him some professional help for him.  We already have a referral for a psychologist that has type 1.  Hopefully this can help him.

Last Wednesday we headed back to the hospital for more lab work as well as a refresher course on Type 1 for Drago.  It was nice to see our diabetes educator but not for these reasons.  Both boys retook the test and did great.  We also got the "Ferrari" of pens for both of them--the Echo.  We are loving it a lot more than the Jr. Pen.

Thursday and Friday were spent with high blood sugar, sleepy Drago, and just generally trying to wrap our minds around the BOGO aspect of our life.  A blur, a fog, walking a forest unable to know exactly where the path is.  Friday I also stopped at the school and had a meeting with the nurse's assistant so Drago could return to school on Monday.  That was an interesting meeting.  Lot's of push back when I mentioned getting a 504 plan together.  Also was informed he would need to pack because they don't have the carb information for the school lunches.  There are 6 other type 1s in the school and only one of those buys the lunch, the rest pack.

Saturday saw some in range numbers and then we had our first low numbers to deal with at 3am.  That was even more challenging than trying to get juice into Sugar Bear with a low in the middle of the night.  Trying to balance.  Trying and trying.  Sugar Bear told me I need to have Type 2 so Mom and Dad could be the Type 2s and he and his brother could be the Type 1s and we'll just be a family with diabetes.  Made me want to cry.

Monday was back to school.  I cried after I dropped him off.  When I got home from work he was a mess.  Tuesday morning he had super high blood sugars at midnight and required shots and woke in just utter despondency.  I've never seen him so distraught.  I kept him home and spent the morning trying to get the referral to the psychologist (which I did) and emailing his teachers and school administrators about what all was going on.  The school is now working with him on all the missed testing and homework.  That relieved some of his stress.  Back to school on Wednesday which went a lot better.

And then yesterday was the endocrinology appointment for both boys.  We had to be there for Sugar Bear's fasting labs at 7:30am.  All in all it was an okay appointment.  Sugar Bear's A1c went up due to all the highs from being sick recently.  And I feel like I've failed.  I know that isn't the case but with having two Type 1s I worry that we can't do this.  That we will drop the ball with one of them.  It scares me.  It makes me want to cry.

So here we are on Friday and Drago is once again at school.  A little better this morning but had difficulties doing homework last night because he ran high all day (stress probably).  And I am headed in to work.  There seems to be even less and less time in the day.


  1. Huge hugs. Your journey is not fair and you have every right to be mad, devastated, or any other emotion. But, you CAN do this. You are an amazing mom!

  2. Thanks Tamara, I don't feel like an amazing Mom. I feel so overwhelmed like I'm juggling too much and I'm going to inevitably drop something. I just hope whatever I drop isn't super important. ;)