Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hubby is back after being gone Wednesday evening to Saturday evening.  He had a beautiful wedding he was in in another state.  He had a lovely time.  We missed him.  We survived.

Even though he is disabled he does a lot and it's never more noticeable than when he is gone.  Out of those three middle of the night checks I only managed to wake for one.  Typically my husband wakes me with a gentle nudge and persistent verbal "come on, you got to get up and check the boys".  He tried on those other two nights from another state to wake me by calling, but three alarms and a ringing phone didn't work.  Thursday and Saturday morning I woke in a panic, especially since both the boys didn't feel well while Dad was away and that can cause havoc with blood sugars (both high and low).  I did get all the bedtime and midnight checks done and those mornings I didn't make the 3am I checked between 4:30 and 5:30.

I couldn't work while hubby was gone because we have no one that will take on the challenge of taking care of the boys and their health needs. And I didn't ask.  We could have tried to go with him but I didn't know until the last moment that I would also have Thursday off.  I had requested Friday and Saturday (wedding was Friday) and originally Thursday and was denied for that day.  Anyway, traveling isn't always easy with just one Type 1, much less two.  So we stayed home and I couldn't work and he went on his own.  It makes it challenging.  He does a lot during the day when he is home and he is almost always home.  He is the lifesaver; he makes it okay for me to work.  I know of single Moms that have lost their jobs because they have no one to watch their Type 1 child while at work.  He does his best to make it easy and as normal as possible for us.  Even being disabled, he perseveres.  I don't even want to know what I would do without him.

This life we have isn't easy.  We have been through much in a very short time.  In 2009, hubby had both his knees replaced at the same time.  In 2010, Drago broke his growth plate in his ankle, twice.  In 2011, hubby was diagnosed with Type 2, declared permanently disabled and Drago injured his knee.  I had shoulder surgery in 2012.  The end of 2013, Sugar Bear was diagnosed Type 1.  And last year Drago got a concussion and I herniated four discs.  And now Drago is also Type 1.  We have dealt with a lot of health issues in a short period of time.  Oh and somewhere in there hubby had emergency gallbladder surgery which ended up being gangrenous, I think that was 2011.  Every year these past few years have seen some major health issues, a lot of hospitals, doctors and physical therapy.  Not easy.

So I'm happy to have my little family all back together.  We function better when all are involved.  We work like a team.  I couldn't do this without him.  He makes it easier.

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