Friday, May 1, 2015


My 100th post.  Kinda special right.  So many things I could talk about but since it's the 100th post I thought I'd concentrate on numbers.  Why is 100 special?

We give 100s in school on tests for a perfect score.  It's a measurement with that number at the top.  So what exactly does it mean to get a 100 on a blood sugar check?  If you ask my boys they would tell you it means they get a dollar and money is a big deal to them.  When we first made that arrangement we thought that getting that result was pretty rare.  Sugar Bear proved us wrong multiple times last year and has already had a handful this year.  And newly diagnosed Drago easily joined the club.  Does that mean we got this figured out?  That we're doing something right?

No, it's just a number like 99 or 101 or even 289 or 68.  All numbers we've seen today.  We take each number as they come.  I have noticed my "comfort" with numbers has changed.  When Sugar Bear was first diagnosed a 200-250 would have me panicked.  It's different now.  Now it's not just the number but the symptoms that go with it. Is he sweaty, headachy, irritable with the high number.  If one of the boys has a number like 70 (which is a low) but don't feel shaky, not pale, etc...I seem to be less "worried".  I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well.  But my relationship with numbers, and specifically blood glucose numbers is changing.

I've never been a numbers person.  In high school I'd much rather write an essay or read a novel than do algebraic equations.  I hated around the world with Math facts.  Doing computations fast has never been my strong suit.  But now.....I still don't enjoy it but I'm more comfortable.  Numbers scare me less than they did.  And we take each as they come.  We strive to stay between 80-150 but in the realm of possible numbers and variables we don't even know about, some days and sometimes weeks that is a difficult endeavor.  100 isn't special.  It's just a number, but sometimes it can give us direction.  Sometimes when the numbers have been beyond that 150, it's nice to see a 100.

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