Friday, February 27, 2015

Fingers Crossed

Sugar Bear is sick.  He has been sick this past year since diagnosis, even had strep before.  But this is the first time we have had moderate ketones with it.  We are pushing fluids, trying to keep him nibbling so we can give insulin and continually checking blood glucose and ketones.  He has been sick for a few days now and the ketones have stayed trace or small.  Those we've been able to deal with just fine.  This morning he woke with a BG of 311 and moderate ketones.  My stomach is doing flips. He is nauseous but so far hasn't thrown up. On top of all that Drago is still sick and I'm not feeling 100% today and our kitty Ricky needs daily medicine and hubby doesn't feel well either. Diabetes doesn't care.  I probably won't get to rest today with two sick kids.  I'll push through it.  I have to.

So we are following our sick day checklist: rest, fluids, monitoring, carbs to be able to dose and extra insulin for ketones, and so much more.  I've stocked up on cough drops and sugar free Popsicles as well as applesauce and pudding.   Will put my new vitamix to more use if smoothies or ice cream are requested.  I will be calling the endo at lunch if the ketones don't come down.

I'm nervous and worried and tired.  In the past five days we have had to give a shot at 3am every single night and some nights it was both midnight and 3am. (Like last night). I'm exhausted.  I'm soul tired.  But I've got this, what other choice do I have?  We want to avoid the hospital if we can.  Sugar Bear has already started the "I'm sorry's" because he feels miserable and knows that type 1 complicates things.  Drago is grumpier than normal because he has been sick for two weeks.  Maybe I can get the hubby to go rent a movie and the three sickies can cuddle in my bed and watch a movie. Yeah, that might allow me to rest a little too.  Fingers crossed.

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