Friday, January 24, 2014

5 to 10 times a day

I'm tired.  More like exhausted.  When Sugar Bear was firstborn he slept easily through the night.  It was such a blessing as his older brother had been a colicky baby.  I was also a SAHM back then.  With my first I took the sage advice of sleeping when the baby sleeps.  I didn't have to do that with Sugar Bear.  I also couldn't since I had a four year old as well.  Now, now I'm lucky when I get three hours in a row and the guilt that happens if I sleep through a 3 am check!  We test at 10pm, midnight and 3 am minimum.  During the day we check his BS before breakfast, before lunch,  and before dinner.  That's all as long as no lows or highs in which case we test more.  5 to 10 times a day we have to poke a finger, squeeze his precious blood out, and make sure he's not in a "danger" zone.

I'm at work 8 1/2 hours a day 5 days a week with only a half hour break for lunch on those days.  I get up with my oldest by 6am so I can drop him off at school before 8 and get back home to check Sugar Bear's BS and give him a quick breakfast so hubby can give him his INsillion on time.  I get home from work between 6 and 6:30 (depending on whether I had to grab groceries or meds on the way home) and then it's dinner, laundry, dishes, snack, bedtime.  This disease has taken time away-time of relaxation, time to just be, time to not worry or think, time to dream.
Big bro testing Sugar Bear's BS

 Today has been especially rough as we ran out of testing strips.  Due to pharmacy and insurance and doctors we had to jump through hoops all while stressing because we don't have 50 bucks to buy them.  We got some by 8.  But we found out in the process that hubby's testing strips (he's type 2) aren't covered by his insurance!  More hoops, more stress, more time.  I'm also filing FMLA  for the time spent off work while Sugar Bear was in the hospital.  On top of it all I got called to my boss's office.  Let's just say more stress because of all this.

  I'm exhausted.  Time to go check the BS meter again and see if I can sleep for an hour or not.  He was low and we've given him two snacks and juice just to get to a level where we can go to bed.

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