Friday, April 29, 2016


Drago made it to school for three days.  Today, he is once again sick.

Wednesday at work I once again got to tour the local Children's Hospital for our fundraising in May.  It made me think on so many things, from Sugar Bear's diagnosis to Bow tie Boys challenges.  I went back and reread my post "where the ceiling meets the wall".  Certain memories are engraved so deeply that even with time they don't heal completely.  I'm just grateful we survived and are surviving.

Wednesday night I started feeling crummy.  Yesterday was my day off and I spent the whole day mostly on the couch.  I feel like I have the flu.  My kitty, Ricky, took care of me all day.

It was a challenge to take care of the boys needs too.  It never stops.  Diabetes doesn't care.  Sugar Bear had a high in the 300s yesterday with ketones and Drago bottomed out with lows.  When they finally were both "stable" around 9pm I could finally sleep for an hour.  Then it was Lantus time for Sugar Bear.  And the merry go round continued.  It doesn't end and honestly i don't want it too because when it does end it'll mean either my boys have grown up and moved out and are doing this all on their own or they are gone.  Right now both of those thoughts are just not where I want to be or where I am.  Silver lining, I do what I do because I love these boys so very much.  They are my superheroes.

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