Friday, April 15, 2016

How long do You have to Wait

Our life always seems a bit crazy.  We have had so much going on this year that it has been challenging to stay positive and on top of things.

Besides the things I have written about, I had my own health "scare".  In January I found what I thought was a breast lump.  My family doctor referred me to a surgeon but it took until the middle of March before I could see him.  He sent me for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound.  It turned out the "lump" I felt was really nothing but there was a non-palpable mass elsewhere that required a biopsy.  I had my biopsy last Friday and am happy to report the mass is benign, but that waiting.....that interim between appointments and information....that was brutal.  My Mom's boyfriend of 12 years is going through colorectal cancer right now and after his surgery has found out it is worse than previously thought.  And there is so much waiting and thinking and space that it is more than challenging.

Drago started the pump this past month and that has been a whole new learning curve but is going well.  Yesterday both the boys had their lab draws and three month endo appointment.  Sugar Bear's TSH is elevated again and he has thyroid antibodies and we are once again waiting until the next appointment to do more labs.  It is just a matter of time at this point before he'll need to go on medicine for another autoimmune disease.  Good news is their HA1c's were fine and BMI's were even better.

I've gotten more involved with the research end of JDRF and even had a very bit appearance on a local TV show.  I'm constantly learning to fill up that waiting space for the cure.

There is a lot of hurry up and wait.  It's all a test of patience from a blood glucose checks that show a low and you treat and then wait, to the highs you treat and wait.  When you wait long enough you see change.  I believe the diabetes world has waited so long and is on the verge of seeing great changes.  It lets me hope while we wait.

Until next time, try and enjoy your wait.

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