Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big News

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've written.  I apologize.  It's been pretty busy with all kinds of changes and challenges.  I put my two weeks notice in at my previous job and had orientation at my new job.  It's a good change and I am very excited for the prospects.  For one, I won't be only doing cakes!  That's big.  I love making cakes but doing it all the time for production is physically exhausting and my body wasn't handling it as well.  I'll still get to make cakes.  I'll make them at home and when I make them at work it won't be my only job.

Sugar Bear has started giving himself shots.  For two days he gave almost all of them!  This is a big move and he came to it on his own.   We are so proud of him.  He impresses us daily. 
We are participating in the Pin a Personality to bring awareness to the blue circle to globally represent Diabetes.  We were thrilled to have our former Mayor and Community Commissioner candidate agree to do so.  He has worn it a lot and sent us numerous photos.  Thank you Gary Leitzell!  My favorite is this one. "I am wearing  the blue circle International Diabetes Federation pin in this Dayton Daily News photograph from today's article."

Stay tuned to see who the other four people I've picked.

Something else we are participating in is #freediabetics.  Sugar Bear wanted to do this especially since a boy with Type 1 around his age came up with it.  

We had our second JDRF walk yesterday.  Unfortunately there was an accident with one of our friends' children before the walk and they had to leave.  Good news is he was okay.  We missed walking with them.  We had four adults and four children total that were able to walk.  Hubby had to sit it out.  It was a 5K and Sugar Bear fought a few lows (including 3am) after the walk but woke in range this morning. 

We are gearing up for the holidays.  Getting costumes ready and especially figuring out our plan of action.  We will not have a repeat of Easter!  Sugar Bear has taken on so much more responsibility for his disease that I think (fingers crossed) that the upcoming holidays should be "normal". 

More to come.......

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