Sunday, September 28, 2014


Answers to the test:
1.A   2.B  3.D  4.B  5.B  6.D  7.D  8.D  9.D  10.A  11.A  12.D  13.B 
14.  in order N,L,L,N, N, L, N, L
15.  in order F, F, T, F
16.D  17.A 
18. in order H, H, H, H
19.C  20.A  21.B  22.A  23.A 
24. in order L,L,L
25.D  26.A  27.D 28.D   29.A  30.C
31. in order T,T,F,T
32.D  33.B  34.C  35.C  36.A  37.A

How did you do? 

My husband missed the fewest when we had to take it.  And the teenager missed one more than me.  We were all exhausted and super stressed when we took it.  We've learned so much more since then. 

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