Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dr. Jeklow and Mr. High

Have you ever lost your temper because you were hungry?  Ever feel super sleepy from overeating?  How about your brain having trouble functioning because you haven't eaten in hours?  What about your arms, have they ever felt like they were weighted down when you were super exhausted?  Well, I have a little story for you.  It's about Dr. Jeklow and Mr. High.  

When Dr. Jeklow is around it's pretty scary.  He can show up completely unnoticed and startle the wits right out of you.  He might be weepy when he arrives.  Sometimes it seems like he might have had a bit of alcohol because he'll even be slurring his words and not making a lot of sense. He might appear pale and his hands can be ice cold.  He just needs to be treated sweetly and then he'll go away but give him too much and he turns into Mr. High.  Hopefully Dr. Jeklow doesn't pass out because you might need outside help if that happens.  Sometimes he doesn't like being treated sweetly and won't understand what you are doing.  You just have to persevere.  Otherwise he could knock you out or even cause you to die.

Mr. High can be rude, demanding, and angry.  He's sweaty and warm to the touch.  He might be weepy too.  He doesn't really care how you feel.  He is also typically ravenous and occasionally lethargic.  His brain doesn't seem to be engaged when he visits, and you can't wait for him to leave.  Don't take anything he says or does to heart.  He doesn't really mean it.  It's just his nature.  He is always super thirsty and sometimes drinks so much he has an accident.  It must be pretty embarrassing for him to always feel and act this way.  Unfortunately the only way to get rid of him is by artificial medicine you have to inject carefully.  If you let Mr. High hang around indefinitely he might just kill you.

Lookout for these two killers and respond appropriately.  Continue to fight them off and live!  But don't live in fear because then Mr. Jeklow and Mr. High's mutual friend, Mr. Typ-e-one Diabetes will have succeeded.

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  1. That was a pretty good...analogy? Metaphor? I don't remember which, anyway it was very helpful to have it explained in those terms.