Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keenly Exquisite

I've let three months go with no explanation.  I always have thoughts about what I could blog.  My brain is always churning.  Motivation is there but follow through has been crap.  In a vague summary of our life these last three months in one word--exquisite.

July--the boys went to diabetes camp for the second year.  They even had a better time than last year but Sugar Bear unequivocally said he will not return.  He followed it up with "If I say I want to go you should check my sugar 'cause I'm probably low."
August found us starting online school for both boys.  So far, this has been a big success.

September my husband and I celebrated 19 years together and I did an interview with Juicebox podcast that will be posted when he releases it.  And Drago turned 16 and will be getting his learner's permit soon.  I already have more gray hair.

October found me getting more shots for my four crapping back discs.  And we had our most successful walk in our hometown.  We raised almost $10,000 in great part to my in-laws who came and walked with us.  We had our biggest team--17!  Of course hubby didn't get to walk and Sugar Bear took a nasty fall on hard concrete before the walk and was devastated he couldn't participate due to his injured knee.

We also had an endo appointment in July (best yet) and October (worst so far).

And through it all diabetes weaves.  Missed lantus doses, too much insulin, activities, stress, illness, and all.  It never sleeps.

T1D is exquisite.

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  1. You are beautiful in everything you do, in every way.