Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rays of Light

We've been lost in the woods all week, stumbling in the dark on roots and stones, the occasional Rays of light filtering through the leaves allowing us to scramble towards a path.

Both boys were diagnosed with strep on Tuesday, as was I and my hubby.  We've all been sick since Monday.  It has been an extremely challenging week.  High blood sugars, extreme lows, trace to moderate ketones, hyper vigilance all while feeling awful.  But we have one of those Rays of light in the Dexcoms, which allowed us the ability to stay on top of everything.  I truly believe these devices have kept us out of the hospital.  To us they are necessary for life.

The irony of being sick this past week is that the week before it was such a contrast.  Sugar Bear turned 11 on the 17th and on the 18th my in-laws came in from the east coast for a week long visit.  The 17th was beautiful and peaceful and everything my little homebody likes.  On the 21st, hubby and I got to go out to dinner thanks to my in-laws.  We so rarely get to spend time just the two of us.  Before leaving I went over the safe sitter sheet with my mother-in-law and gave a crash course on using glucagon.  With the Dexcom on both boys it makes these excursions less worrisome.  We can still check on them with the share ap.  It eases our anxiety.  On Friday my stepson showed up for a visit.  The boys were thrilled. On Saturday, the 23rd, we had Sugar Bear's birthday party at a laser tag place.  Of the nine children (three ours) and nine adults, six are Type 1 (five children and one adult).  Two of the T1 kids were buddies of Sugar Bear's from Diabetes camp.  It was a wonderful party.  Of course seeing three exact kits on the table really hit me.  And we had some lows and highs that happened while there and lots of carb counting and different ways of dosing were noticed by my in-laws, but overall it was a great party.  Immediately after the party our family with my stepson and my in-laws headed to a friend's house for some family portraits to be taken.  While there, Drago did go low.  And then after portraits, hubby and I got ready to go out to my work party.  We were leaving the boys for a little over five hours, the longest we've been out besides while the boys were at camp.  Of course as we were on our way out the door Sugar Bear's Dex was beeping that he was low. We left anyway knowing my in-laws got this. The work party was awesome and my in-laws did just fine with the boys.  Of course Sugar Bear started going high before we got back and he was asleep and my mother-in-law did seem a bit stressed.  Handling all the alarms and fluctuating blood sugars in both kids isn't easy.  They all did great.

My stepson left Sunday afternoon.
Sunday after the party was "normal" for us but I noticed numbers on Sugar Bear seemed to be going up and then Monday both were sick.  My in-laws left early Monday morning.  And we were back to just the four of us struggling in our forest with not much light but at least our cups weren't empty.

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